Child care educator playing with toya with group of children in child care classroom at The Learning Tree Barton

Our People

Our People

Our qualified and professional educators are experts in their field, and are dedicated to making sure that your child gets off to the very best start. The majority of our educators hold a Diploma of Early Childhood Education, and our preschool room co-ordinator is Bachelor qualified. All our staff carry a minimum of a Certificate III qualification. Our wonderful team of educators truly care about the development of your child.

Meet our Campus Director

Name: Monica Acosta
Years in Child Care: 5 Years

Qualification: Diploma and Master's in Education: Early childhood
What makes me passionate about Early Childhood Education:
Helping families to raise their children especially single parents and families living in Australia from foreign countries. 
Funniest or most memorable moment at the centre:
As English is my second language, when I started working in childcare, I was always in the Preschool room with an educator with the 'Aussiest' accent ever and I didn't understand what she was saying so one day I stopped her and said,"Your Aussie accent will kill me! Please slow down!" This lady was laughing very loud and hugged me apologising. This lady was my mentor for three years and I learnt a lot from her. 
Why do you believe your centre in an excellent choice for parents seeking the best?
We have the benefit of having quite a small and boutique centre, all of our educators know each and every one of all the families and children on a personal basis creating a learning family.
Meet our Assistant Campus Director and Educational Leader

Meet our Assistant Campus Director and Educational Leader

Name: Anjalina Devi 

Qualifications: ​Diploma in Early Childhood Education

Why do you believe your centre is an excellent choice for parents seeking the best childcare? 
I love supporting families raising their children. If they accept some advice, I am happy to give one.Our centre is a small learning community where everyone knows everybody. It makes it feel more familiar and welcoming.

What do you consider important when communicating with children? 
I always have passion for working with children and seeing them grow. Positive communication with children means paying attention, respecting the child's feelings, and watching your tone of voice. If you have a busy schedule, make sure to allocate some time every day to simply sit and listen to your child. Children thrive with words of encouragement and praise. Children Agency is my philosophy.